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ChemTech China (Shanghai) 2020
ChemTech China (Shanghai) 2020
ChemTech China (Shanghai) 2020
Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center,Shanghai,China

Shanghai International Chemical Process Industry Exhibition ”)Join hands with the world environmental protection expo platform on a global scale, integrate the terminal audience resources of API, intermediates, food raw materials, pesticides, chemical plants, chemical engineering companies and coating, rubber and plastic, and focus on the pre-processing, mid-processing and late scheduling in the chemical production process under the huge demand for the upgrading of green environmental protection equipment We are committed to building a new technology, new process, new material and new concept business platform for chemical equipment exhibition, and providing more perfect environmental protection and safety solutions for the chemical industry. The six highlights of this chemical industry exhibition are coming, helping enterprises to explore the pharmaceutical and chemical market: in line with the vigorous development trend of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, Focus on the display of pharmaceutical equipment and technology; explore new ways to provide a few exhibitions for pesticide enterprises in the industry to purchase equipment; chemical industry park, chemical industry association, chemical colleges and universities, strong and strong joint efforts to explore the forefront of green chemical technology; multi exhibition linkage, resource integration, open up the whole industrial chain of environmental protection and chemical industry; implement safety production, improve enterprise efficiency; focus on Sinopec materials bidding, help To promote the enterprises to enter the purchasing system of Sinopec; Booth consultation: Mr. Li 021 3323 1381 Hello! The epidemic subsided, the chemical industry recovered and the market became clear. Shanghai international chemical process industry exhibition will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from August 25 to 27. As one of the few exhibition platforms in China that focus on the whole process equipment of chemical production process, such as pre-treatment, mid-term processing and late stage discharge, Shanghai horui exhibition devotes itself to organizing 12000 potential customers such as chemical raw materials, APIs, intermediates, food raw materials, chemical plants, distribution agents, etc. to participate in the exhibition The exhibition effect can be expected and the investment can be seen. The exhibition is hosted by Shanghai horui exhibition. For consultation, you can enjoy extra discount according to 1! If you are disturbed, please forgive me!

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